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The Secret To Building A Profitable Sales Funnel

funnels kajabi Aug 08, 2023

  1. Traffic
    1. Organic
    2. SEO
    3. Content
    4. Social
    5. Affiliate
    6. Sponsor
    7. Paid Ads
    8. Landing Page
    9. Turn your lurkers into leads
    10. Get them to make a micro commitment
  2. High Value Lead Magnet
    1. That proverbial pot of gold
    2. Make it really really good
      1.  Checklist
      2. Cheat Sheet
      3. Guide
      4. Webinar
      5. Workshop
      6. Masterclass
      7. Solve a problem and move them closer to their success
      8. What it can be
  3. Indoctrination Emails
    1. Who you are
    2. What you stand for
    3. Educate your prospects
  4. Sales Emails
    1. One to introduce your offer and product
    2. One to educate on the benefits and how it can help your prospects
    3. One to show social proof and build authority
    4. One to stack the value
    5. One to overcome objections
    6. One to convey incentive & scarcity
    7. Let them know you have something to offer them
    8. Minimum of 6 emails.
    9. All of the emails will have a CTA and link back to the final step in your funnel
  5. Sales Page
    1. Present them to your amazing offer
    2. Turn their interest into desire
    3. And then ACTION

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