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The Art of Storytelling in your Business

marketing Nov 21, 2023


5 Tips to Better Story Telling

  1. Start with the ending in mind
  2. Start SHOWING instead of TELLING so much!
  3. Needs to have a Question
    1. and the rest of the story needs to answer that question
  4. Two quests, physical and spiritual or emotional
  5. Find out what makes your character unique
    1. show us what they have to overcome to achieve their goals



Data Doesn’t Change Behavior, EMOTIONS DO


Three Core Selling Principles from StoryBrand

  1. Clear Articulation of Customer Problems
    1. Understanding external vs. internal problems
    2. Concept of failure and success in storytelling
  2. The Customer as the Hero
    1. The guide's role in the customer's journey
    2. Shifting focus from product to customer's story
  3. Providing a Plan
    1. Offering solutions and guidance
    2. Importance of understanding customer's needs


We want to take our audience from Pain Island to Pleasure Island

Inspire people to take ACTION

“Those Who Tell The Stories Rule Society” - Plato

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