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list building Sep 02, 2023

  1. Make a Better Lead Magnet
    1. Ebook
    2. 1 page PDF
    3. Checklist
  2. CTA on every piece of Content you make
    1. Promote your lead magnets on all of your content
    2. Your ultimate goal is TO BUILD YOUR LIST
    3. Don’t worry about overdoing it - who cares…
  3. Pitch your lead magnet in Social Media
    1. At least once a week
    2. Connect and promote to get them on your list
  4. Bonus 1 - Promote your lead magnet whenever you are a guest on anybody’s channel
  5. Bonus 2 - Promote on your website 404 page. 


Some Interesting Points:

  •  Email is so much more powerful than social media
  •  People convert from emails 3x more than social media
  •  Much more comfortable buying through email than social media
  •  Engage 40x more with email than social media

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