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What You Need To Know About Marketing

marketing Aug 21, 2023

  1. Get Clear WHO YOU ARE
    1. What do I want to be known for?
    2. What are my non-negotiables?
    3. What are the things I value?
    4. What is the change I want to see in my industry?
    5. How do I want to serve my industry?
    6. What is my brand promise?
  2. Get to know your customer
    1. If you try to sell to everyone you will sell to no one
  3. Identify your positioning strategy
    1. Research - what is your market searching for
    2. Keyword research
    3. Make a list of everything your business does or is
    4. Examples
      1. Copywriting
      2. Digital marketing
      3. Content marketing
      4. Social media marketing
      5. Email marketing
      6. Storytelling
      7. Copywriting course / program
      8. Branding course / program
      9. Sales page course / program
      10. Email marketing course / program
      11. Marketing course / program
    5. Check out competition on Google
      1. What are they doing?
      2. What kind of content do they have?
      3. What kind of content do they share?
      4. What can you do better or different?
  4. Create you content strategy
    1. Map out your main topic and sub-topics that you’ll post content about
    2. Be highly valuable and interesting to your audience
    3. They not only want to know what you do, but who you are
    4. Come up with a list of topics you would like to talk about and throw in stories and antidotes
    5. Be fresh and interesting first
  5. Build a marketing Funnel
    1. One simple funnel to get started
  6. Monitor - metrics & test

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