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spring league 2023

Check out the current league standings Here




League will be a 6-week, 2-Person teams.  Each week will have a designated 9-hole course and format (Scramble or Best Ball).
Teams can come in any time during the week and record their scores.  
Teams can play up to 2 weeks in advance if they know they will miss a week for scheduling.
Given enough interest we will have an open league for both men and women, as well as a women’s league
Week 1 (Feb 13-Feb 19): Houston Golf Club
Week 2 (Feb 20-Feb 26): Troon North Pinnacle
Week 3 (Feb 27-Mar 5): Mauna Kea
Week 4 (Mar 6-Mar 12): Aviara
Week 5 (Mar 13-Mar 19): Sea Island Seaside Course
Week 6 (Mar 20-Mar 26): New South Wales Golf Club*Schedule might change before start of league
Team Handicaps will be established after the first round of league play using the USGA score differential and will be updated every week throughout the season.  

You can read the details of calculations here Handicaps are based on league rounds only and calculated as a team handicap.




Prizes will be awarded weekly to the top team and the top 4 teams at the conclusion of the league.
All prizes (money, equipment, or sim time) will be determined after signup has concluded.  Rounds of golf at local courses are the standard prize.  Will determine course once prize pool is determined  Prizes for the week will be posted on social media and at Sand Trap.
* Clubs and shoes must be cleaned before playing
* No Mulligans will be given unless there is a system error.
* All league rounds need to be verified by employees before starting and submitting
$60/team ($50 for returning league players)
Fees do not include weekly simulator time and go towards prizes.  
Plan to book 1 hr minimum to play 9 holes (2 people), 1.5-2 hrs if you are slower or want to warm up beforehand.