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  1. Join our Team Chat– (this is where you can ask questions if you need help).  If the chat is too busy for you please mute it and come back on a regular basis just to check in.
  2. Educator Brandon Boyd's Chat – go t the CHAT AND JOIN for the daily schedule to some of the LIVE CALLS.
  3. Join our Facebook Group–
  4. Join The Company Telegram Group–
  5. Discord Channels –
    1. Team Abundance –
    2. Empowering Leaders – 
    3. HFX Onboarding –

Websites & What They Are For

  1. GOLIVE.IM – This site is where we focus most of our time.  It's where you can access the Live Trading Calls and Amazing pre-recorded sessions.
    (A Great video to start with. Login > Select HFX > Then click Matthew Thayer > Click favorite sessions > then watch the video that says “ new customer start here “)
  2. IM.ACADEMY – Use this website to access your online back office, payments, addons, support & much more…
  3. IM.CENTER –  Use this website for Specific questions that you have related to trading.  There is a video on almost everything for HFX.
  4. HOURGLASS.IM – This is A strategy that we use called cash trap or hourglass. It sends us trade ideas that we can enter almost 24/7. It is an optional add-on . You can activate it on IM.ACADEMY 
  5. Summer Slam 2021 Recap –